Datum:  2020-02-03

Coronaviruset i Kina

CCCWA, centralmyndigheten i Kina har publicerat följande text på den kinesiska delen av deras hemsida:

In view of the current coronavirus situation, many provinces have launched the first level response to public health emergencies. It may be inconvenient for foreign adopters to apply for adoption registration in China at this time. Please inform the adoptive families not to come to China for the time being and come back to apply for adoption registration after the coronavirus is stable. Please contact the adoption registration authority of the provincial Civil Affairs Department for the specific time of coming to China. The center will adjust the period of validity of the notice of adoption in China according to the epidemic situation.

Vi har fått information från CCCWA att en uppdatering kommer att publiceras den 20 februari 2020.

Adoptionscentrum hänvisar till Folkhälsomyndigheten vid frågor om Coronaviruset.