Roots and Journeys

Adoptionscentrum has been working with the program Roots and Journeys since the year 1995. Our organisation has gathered knowledge about adoptees individual needs to learn more about their country of origins. We have information about the possibility of returning and seeking roots in different countries of origin.

We have knowledge about different factors that may affect if a root search is possible or not in the country of origin. For example the country of origin's legislation, if there is an organisation or central authority to cooperate with or the situation (stigma) for a single mother. 

Adoptionscentrum strives for our work to be humanly, legally and ethically done, and to prevent that anybody gets hurt in the process. 

Case Workers

Adoptionscentrum has two case workers in charge of Roots and Travels, and they both work half time. To get in contact with the case workers, you can email them at